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In Memory of Dr. Clayton S. Huber

After a lengthy battle with Parkinson’s disease, Clayton S. Huber died on September 5, 2017.

Perfecting the Design

The 2017 Alumni Award recipient John D. Bell's influence on BYU.

Studying Life on a Small Scale

The medical industry is far from the only option for graduates of the Microbiology and Molecular Biology department.

Improved and Protected

New Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum director Dr. Duke Rogers spearheads ambitious projects.

Upcoming Exhibits

Unlike other museums, the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum does not charge admission. Exhibits are free for any visitor thanks to the donors and endowments given to the museum.

Changes in Faculty and Staff

New professors invigorate the college with new purpose. Learn about where they are from and what they hope to accomplish at BYU.

Message from the Dean

A timely message from the Dean.