Dean's Message: The Faculty is the University

Dean Rodney J. Brown The medieval University of Paris, which served as a model for later medieval universities in Europe, was composed of faculty and not much else. The faculty was the university. Those wanting to learn found those who wanted to teach and learned from them. That was it.

Like all modern universities, Brigham Young University has classrooms, laboratories, a library, athletics, a bookstore, support services, etc. It also has organized courses, degree programs, colleges, departments, centers of various kinds—and the list goes on and on. At the heart of it all, however, just like the University of Paris in the twelveth century, Brigham Young University has a faculty. Moreover, the faculty is, as it was then, the university.

If Brigham Young University is to be all that it can be for the students who want to learn from it, it has to be composed of the best possible faculty. It has to find and hire the best, keep the best, and continually improve the best. The College of Biology and Agriculture is fortunate to have such a faculty. Its students learn from leaders in their fields who also believe in Brigham Young University's mission.

When faculty members retire from their work and move on to other things, we do our best to thank them for all they have done, but we miss them. When they leave, some of the university leaves with them. We soon hire new people to carry on their work, and each of these becomes, as were those before them, a part of the university. Yes, the faculty is, as it always was and always will be, the university.

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