Dean's Message: Made for Each Other

Dean Rodney J. Brown When asked what they find most appealing about Brigham Young University, professors frequently mention
the quality of their students. When asked the same question, students talk about the stature of the faculty and their dedication to students. This is an ideal combination – students and faculty both trying every day to meet the expectations of each other.

Though we say, “Some things never change,” many things do change. It is a never-ending goal to keep up with the students’ needs. The rapid rate of discovery in the disciplines within the College of Life Sciences makes it necessary to continually update teaching materials and research activities. In addition, the students who come to BYU are better prepared each year than they were the year before.

More activities outside the classroom are being added to the total experience that students have at BYU. This gives a “real world” perspective to what they learn in classes and gives them a big boost as they move on to employment, further educa- tion, or other experiences. It is now common for undergraduate students to work along side their professors, much as graduate students do. When they graduate, they leave with much more than a compilation of classes completed. They carry a rich collection of experiences with each other and with the faculty.

In a very real way, the students and faculty in the College of Life Sciences are “made for each other.”

-Rodney J. Brown