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Dean James P. Porter
Dean James P. Porter

Each year, BYU sends a questionnaire to alumni who graduated three years previously. This questionnaire surveys a wide range of topics, including employment information. The College of Life Sciences is unique in that nearly 50% of our graduates are full-time students three years after leaving BYU (highest percentage among all colleges). This high percentage reflects the fact that many of our students continue on to professional or graduate schools. Additionally, 37% of our graduates reported being employed full-time three years after graduation; 20% in their major field and 17% outside of their major field. Regardless of whether our students want to go directly into the workforce or to a post-graduate school, we want to help them attain their goals. This edition of the college magazine reports on several tools that are available to help our students make important connections with alumni that could help in this regard. There are also stories about student successes because of sponsored internships or mentorships. We are confident that, as students use these tools to build networks and gain experience, they will see their dreams come true. We are currently working to expand several initiatives in the college that will support these efforts. These include support for mentored learning, internships, and preprofessional student development. If you want to learn more about these initiatives, please go to

Signature: James P. Porter
James P. Porter
Dean of Life Sciences