BYU's Board of Trustees Makes the Difference

Dean Rodney J. Brown Brigham Young University, and hence the College of Biology and Agriculture, is sponsored and funded by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This generous support is accompanied with guidance from the Board of Trustees, consisting of the First Presidency and other Church leaders. Unlike Brigham Young University, many universities that were originally sponsored by religious organizations have lost touch with their origins and with their original purposes.

A recent report1 contains comparisons between Brigham Young University and national benchmarks. It notes that BYU faculty are more likely to work with undergraduates on research projects, participate in faculty development programs, spend time each week in  community or public service, be married and have more children, consider themselves religious or spiritual, seek opportunities to grow spiritually, and engage in prayer. More specifically, BYU faculty members' likelihood of praying is 2.6 times that of faculty at Catholic four-year colleges, twice that of faculty at other religious four-year colleges, 3.6 time that of private university faculty, and 4.3 times that of faculty at public universities. It is even more noteworthy that BYU faculty members see developing moral character in students and helping students develop personal values as much more essential than do their counterparts at other universities.

Because of the guidance and direction it receives in everything it does, Brigham Young University is firmly in touch with its mission of assisting individuals in their quest for perfection and eternal life. The College of Biology and Agriculture is contributing to the development of capable, broadly prepared people who are ready to meet the professional and spiritual challenges of the rest of their lives.

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1 2005-06 Higher Education Research Institute Faculty Survey, BYU Institutional Assessment and Analysis