Passing On Inspiration


Becky and Kenneth Johnson
Becky and Kenneth Johnson of Mesa, Arizona have donated generously to the College. They attribute much of their success in life to their BYU education, and want to assure that similar opportunities are available to students today.

After being accepted to Stanford and UC Berkley, Dr. Kenneth Johnson calls his choice to attend BYU, "one of the luckiest choices of my life." Ken expressed gratitude for the rigors of a BYU education that prepared him for medical school. He said he also appreciated the personal and academic growth provided through the Honors Program and religion classes. "BYU always taught ethics and honesty," he said. "That has proven invaluable to me throughout my life."

Becky pursued a degree in art from BYU and continues to paint today. She said the concepts she learned at BYU shaped her character as a person and an artist. "Boyd K. Packer talked about the moral responsibility anyone in the creative community has to reflect our understanding of eternal truth," she said. "I think the way we depict people and the world reflects who we believe they are."

Becky working on an artistic project
Becky 's art classes at BYU have resulted in a life of productive satisfaction.
Ken's father was a doctor in the Korean War and there helped implement one of the first artificial kidney units in the world. "I was inspired by my father's efforts," Ken said. After graduating from BYU in 1968 in zoology, Ken studied medicine at the University of Utah. In 1975 he began practice in Mesa and started a dialysis unit. He took on partners, merged with other dialysis companies, and by the time he retired Renal Care Group had 360 clinics and was the fourth largest dialysis company in the United States.

Dr. Johnson with a kidney patient
Ken has blessed the lives of thousands with his nephrology care.
Ken looks far beyond his business endeavors when considering success in life. He and Becky have six sons and two daughters. Each son served a full-time mission for the Church and each child has attended BYU. We're a fourth-generation BYU family," Ken said. "My grandmother and mother showed me the way, and our children have followed."

 "We have an exciting vision of what the College is to become," Ken said. "The advances that will be made in biology at BYU over the next 20 years will amaze us all."