Dean's Message: Changed Forever

Dean Rodney J. Brown Some experiences change us forever. Such instances intensify our purpose or even change our direction. You might remember a few such events in your own life. Where you are and what you are doing might be traceable back to one or more such experiences.

Students are more likely to have life changing experiences while doing something than while hearing or reading about someone else’s experiences. Working on real research projects, going to places where things are being seen for the first time, working side-by side with other students and with faculty members, doing now what they will do in the future, and similar experiences can be life altering.

Working with others to accomplish important things builds character. While plenty is being learned about the specific topic at hand, a desire to continue learning throughout life is developing. The nature of the subjects covered by the College of Life Sciences provides additional opportunities to see and appreciate the wonders of God’s creation, adding a spiritual dimension to each adventure.

Today’s students will remember their out-of-classroom experiences for a long time. Their lives are being enriched and changed. Much of what they do for years to come will be influenced by these experiences.

 Rodney J. Brown