New LDS Philanthropies Representative

The college bids farewell to Rich Kotter and welcomes the new representative from LDS Philanthropies, Orrin Olsen.

Rich Kotter Rich Kotter has served as the LDS Philanthropies representative for the College of Life Sciences since 2007. Rich would like to thank everyone in the college and all those who support the College of Life Sciences. He encourages them to continue donat- ing. “I have really enjoyed working with everyone in Life Sciences,” he says. “I have enjoyed building relationships with donors and helping them feel that they are making differences by changing and saving lives.” Before joining LDS Philanthropies in 2002, Rich graduated from Utah State University in Logan and worked in the computer consulting business. He currently lives in Spanish Fork and enjoys having Sunday dinner with his five children and ten grandchildren, all of whom live in the area. He will remain at BYU working as a donor liaison for corporate donors across BYU. Kotter will also serve as the Zone Leader for the fundraising team of the Marriott School of Management.
Orrin Olsen Over the last twenty-five years with LDS Philanthropies, Orrin Olsen has had the opportunity to work with every college on campus.As the new representative for the College of Life Sciences, he looks forward to working more closely with those involved with the college. In his new position, Orrin will work with the dean and department chairs to raise money for their priority projects. He appreciates that his job is work that makes a difference. “It’s more than just earning a paycheck,” he says. “It’s being involved in helping people in important ways,” such as helping donors to give back to the college and assisting recipients in benefitting from donors’ generosity. Orrin graduated from BYU in 1976 and worked in international sales management before joining LDS Philanthropies in 1985. He and his wife have seven children, two of which are currently serving missions in Russia and Italy.