Test Tubes and Testimony

Students Speak About Their  Experiences With Life Sciences and The Gospel

Student working in the labSpiritual experiences can happen anywhere when testimonies of the Lord are shared. This includes the laboratories, classrooms, and research facilities within the College of Life Sciences. As students are instructed in “theory, in principle, in doctrine . . . in all things that pertain unto the kingdom of God” (D&C 88:78), they obtain not only a knowledge of microbiology, nutrition, and plant science, but also a strengthened testimony of the Creator’s love and His beautiful creations. As Rae Blanco, a physiology and developmental biology major from Rockville, Maryland, says, “Studying the life sciences has strengthened my testimony that there is an omniscient Creator. When the same professors who teach me how to do research and experiments share their testimonies of the Savior, it strengthens my beliefs, and that is something that will last forever.” Anne Whitehouse, a biology major from Redmond, Washington, adds, “My professors have even used scripture in class to show how scientific knowledge and our religious beliefs coincide. This strengthens my testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Knowing that science and religion are not mutually exclusive increases my faith in God and adds immense value to my education.”

The more we understand about the creations on the earth, the greater our appreciation is for the beauties of the earth that surround us. In a fast-paced society where it is easy to forget the daily wonders of the world, the College of Life Sciences gives students an appreciative outlook in addition to a first-class education. Kayla Houston, a genetics and biotechnology major from Austin, Texas, expresses her gratitude: “The more education I get and the more classes I take, the more confident I am that I will not only be successful in the career world, but also a devoted disciple of the Christ. Anatomy, biology, and the other life sciences classes all testify of the existence of a divine Creator. The more I study science, the more I realize Heavenly Father lives.”

From test tubes to testimonies, professors in the College of Life Sciences teach valuable academic and gospel principles which ensure that graduates will leave Brigham Young University with strong skill sets and fortified faith. These blessings not only ensure professional excellence, but promote a life of service and learning. The more we learn about the Creator, the better we can become like Him, and nothing could be a more valuable lesson.