The Students' Stand

Students walking around campus
As each semester draws to a close, students of the college leave feedback about their classes and professors. These are some of their comments.

The professor was passionate, knowledgeable, and caring. The Gospel was incorporated to just the right amount, and the class was built in such a way as to best augment student success. Without a doubt, this is one of the best classes I have taken at BYU.
Honestly, I think this class was amazing, not only is the content inspirational and fascinating, the professor is quite possibly the best science professor I have ever had. I appreciated his humility. I never got the feeling that he was talking down to us. I feel uplifted because of this class. Please use this class as a model for all science classes!
The professor was hands down the best professor I have ever had. His genuine concern for the understanding and success of each student was evident and astounding. He incorporated the gospel and his strong testimony of the creation and of God into the class very well. This class was so worth taking even though I already knew a lot of the science. I looked forward to attending class each and every day!
I absolutely loved this class. I am sad that it was so short, and I sincerely hope that the professor teaches courses or seminars next semester. This short class was such a highlight of every week. You learn and expand your mind so much. The spiritual nature of the class is very evident, despite such secular topics.
I got nervous when topics regarding doctrine and science came up. My nervousness was unnecessary because the professor was always very careful about clearly explaining what was Church doctrine and what is left to us. He did it in a way that was uplifting and enlightening.
One of the best, if not the best class that I have taken at BYU. The professor is my favorite professor here and I came to love this class. I really enjoyed our discussions, especially those that pertained to the Church's stance on some issues. I learned a great deal in this class.
The professor was an incredible teacher! He always ties in spiritual truth to what he teaches and strengthens my testimony of the gospel. He makes us apply our knowledge to our homework and real-life examples. I look up to him for his example and appreciate the impact he has made in my life.
Amazing course! For a general education course, you learn so much. I loved that the professor would always start with a hymn. It definitely brought the Spirit and helped us concentrate. I really loved this class. Keep doing exactly what it is that you are doing, professor!

"Can you think of a better place to try and decipher the handiwork of God than at BYU?"

Dr. Michael Whiting

I had an incredible experience in this class. I don't think I have had another class (except for religion classes) that have been as spiritually edifying as this class has been. Thank you to the professor for showing me how to see life in a new way, and thank you for letting us see the beauty of the earth.
The class was great. I loved learning the principles of biology and how they apply to daily life and the gospel.
I loved my biology class. Every time we met, we began our class with a hymn that brought a special spirit to the class. I clearly understood the important relationship that science and religion have. It is not one or the other—science and religion work together to provide many answers.
I think that "ideal" is the best word to describe this class. I was very impressed at how well she brought gospel topics into the discussion during lectures. I feel that my testimony was strengthened through this class. And now I have an incredible example to look to of an LDS professional in the sciences.
I loved how much the professor involved the scriptures and gospel in lecture. I learned what is meant by nothing being temporal, but, rather, that all subjects are spiritual. I had no idea how spiritual the sciences could be.
This professor is the best teacher I have ever had. I learned so much about science and even more about myself and my testimony. He is an extraordinary teacher. He changed my life!
I loved this class. I was so excited to be at BYU and see how different it would be to learn the scientific concepts here. And I was definitely not disappointed. Not only do I feel like I was able to learn the basics very thoroughly, all while I was spiritually uplifted each class period. I felt like, out of all of my classes, this course was definitely one where I felt the Spirit, especially when we talked about evolution, personal revelation, and the stance established by the Church on the evolution of man. Thank you so much for such an amazing experience.
I learned so much from this class academically, professionally, and spiritually. The professor cared about aligning our spiritual beliefs with our scientific learning. It was a great experience and I learned something new every day.