My Professor Was Great Because...

The structure of her class was perfect in order to truly learn the information.

He helped me know what I can do better for my future.

He made class fun, interesting, and applicable to everyday life.

He cared about his students and did his best to help everyone succeed and enjoy his class.

He was very aware of the class. If there was something important he felt like the class didn't understand, he always stopped and explained it in a different way without getting irritated.

No question was a dumb question.

He inspired personal research and reflection on difficult and often conflictive topics.

I wasn't just a number, but an individual that he cared about.

She had such a passion for public health and that passion rubbed off on us as students.

He really challenged us to think about the concepts we were learning about and to apply them. I loved how exciting the subject was to him, and this encouraged me to really apply myself.

He went out of his way to give us opportunities to help in the community so we could implement what we had learned and be able to help others.

He taught us life principles—He taught us to work hard and really earn what we're given, to stay humble despite achievements, and to pursue something that we truly love.

Even though the class was large, he knew my name. When I had questions, he would respond quickly and answer them for me. I felt that nothing I said was stupid or unimportant.

She cared about her students and challenged us while giving every opportunity for success.

He inspired students to get out and make contributions to the world.

He went out of his way to learn about his students and how they learned best.